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europa universalis iv

Perhaps the most important question when talking about history, games, and history in games is: What is an historical game? What are the criteria for evaluating a game’s historical content?

At first glance, the answer might seem obvious, even tautological: A game is historical if it reflects history. If the game is about the Battle of Gettysburg, it needs to happen on July 1–3, 1863, the Confederate Army should be commanded by Robert E. Lee, it should consist of these particular regiments, and so on.

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Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of Marc Bloch Reviews Historical Video Games, a site where famous French historian Marc Bloch (1868–1944) and yours truly (Andreas Kjeldsen) talk about historical video games.

The site will be updated three times a week with a summary of the past week’s news about historical games on Mondays, a game review on Wednesdays, and a feature article, interview, or essay on Fridays.

We also have a Steam Curator list of the best of historical games, we are working on putting a GOGmix together, and if the stars align, we might bring you a YouTube channel sometime in the future. In the meantime, go ahead and follow us on Twitter at @BlochReviews for updates, and of course, read on after the fold for all the news from the past couple of weeks.

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